What we do

CrateMate offers a new way of staying at your favourite festivals. By recycling shipping containers we offer a much more comfortable and easy way for you to sleep. Check out the video below to see how it works!


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the easiest and most comfortable place to stay for festival visitors during a festival!

How it works


Where to order

You can order a CrateMate on your mobile phone or your PC. Previews can be found below.

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Repurposed for you

A large portion of the shipping containers in the world are left abandoned in a port. CrateMate gives them a new purpose!


Forget dragging your tent up to the camping site, CrateMate provides a comfy, clean and careless place to sleep in each of the best festivals in and around the Netherlands! While turning shipping containers into sleeping compartments, we provide an alternative service that wanders from festival to festival.


A lot of your products were shipped in shipping containers. But because of the unbalanced trade between Asia and Western countries a surplus of shipping containers is stacking up in Western countries. Shipping back a container to Asia is more expensive than building a new one. This creates the oppurtunity for CrateMate to upcycle these unused containers.

What we offer


Effective design

The team made sure that everything you need is in our cabins!

The design

The containers are designed to be as green and as pleasant as possible. The cabins are made for one or two people to enjoy their stay. We provide sockets to charge your phone, toilets and showers. CrateMate re-uses everything we offer, this way we leave no waste on this beautiful planet.

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CrateMate will present itself like an open environment in which you can connect with others and enjoy the festival just a few steps away from the activities. The circle in the middle functions as an open space where people can relax together and take a break from walking and dancing. We want to create an open environment that is accesible to everyone.