The business plan

The business model


Customer segments

The most important customer segment for CrateMate will be festival visitors. These people seek accommodation at festivals and that is exactly what CrateMate has to offer. Next will be the festival employees, these people will also need a place to stay during the festival and we can offer this against a reduced fee for employees. Finally, basically everyone that seeks a quick and portable accommodation solution could be customer of CrateMate.


CrateMate can be reached through a number of different sources. It will have its own website and an app with which customers can pick and choose their festival and make a reservation for a room. They can aslo find customers service, FAQ. Etc. This could be available at the festivals websites themselves. Most festivals will have a CrateMate stand on the festival terrain. Here people can go for customer service and, if still available, book a room.

Customer relationships

The added value towards the festival organization is a cleaner and safer alternative for camping in tents. CrateMate will make sure to leave the campsite cleaned up, as well as offering safety for the users. The individual capsules can be locked as opposed to tents which are very prone to thieves. The festival can also receive free, or at a reduced fee, CrateMate accommodation for festival artists or employees. This way we give back to the festival for allowing us to use their campgrounds. We want long and returning relationships with our customers. This is why we will offer a reliable and transparent service with no hidden fees, so that customers will feel fairly treated and perceive an enjoyable service. For instance, a reduced fee for long time users, or a cheaper subscription option are ways we will try to capture the clients appreciation.

Revenue streams

The main source of income for CrateMate will be the regular pay-per-stay fees. These fees include the price you pay to stay in a CrateMate capsule per night or per festival. We estimate that most people will pay for our service per festival. We would also like to input a subscription option in which you could have a subscription with CrateMate, which would have a lower but monthly fee that could ensure you a CrateMate spot for multiple festivals. Other revenue streams include damage fees and other additional fees people might have to pay for our service.

Cost structure

The biggest initial cost for this company will be the redesign and refurbishing of the containers into liveable mobile hostels. This will stay the biggest cost because this part is the actual service we will offer to the customer. Other significant costs will be employee costs. This will be limited to a minimum once the service is completely setup. So that only one or two employees are needed at the festival each day, apart from the employees that we hire for transportation, cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, we will have to promise part of the revenue to the festival organization in order to use their space. A starting point for this will be around 25%. Other big costs include marketing and overhead, which includes transport, administrative costs, legal fees, taxes, etc.

Key resources

The biggest resource CrateMate possesses are the redesigned containers. They are at the heart of our service and are the must-have to sustain this business. Next up is the website/ application. This the mediator between the customer and our service. This way the customer can book a room, cancel the order, etc. It is important that this is as simple and straightforward as possible for customers. Another resource is PR/marketing. This allows CrateMate publicity amongst both the customers and festivals themselves. Lastly, employees are an important part of the company and cannot be forgotten.

Key partners

The most beneficial partners for CrateMate will be festivals that our company will be present at. These are partners that our company will work closely with to ensure the best offering of CrateMate at these festivals. Transportation companies and cleaning companies will be two of our key partners to make sure the containers are clean and at location. Finally, some practical partners like PayPall, Mastercard, an ICT department, Google, etc. that will make sure that our service will be up and running, online and through the app.

Key activities

Key activities for CrateMate will include the building and repurposing of the containers into small room facilities that can house up to 20 people. Also, marketing of our product towards the festivals is important. This will be done mostly by straight up going to the festivals and pitching our service. Furthermore, setting up and maintaining a website and app to offer customers easy access towards our service is also a key activity for CrateMate. As well as setting up the local stand at the festival for customer service and security. order to use their space. A starting point for this will be around 25%. Other big costs include marketing and overhead, which includes transport, administrative costs, legal fees, taxes, etc.

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