The design

How CrateMate came to be

The problem

When going to a multi-day festival, finding a place to sleep can be a dread. Carrying around all camping gear (that somehow always seems to miss several parts) and pitching up the tent is always the worse part. This is why Crate-Mate is a service that provides sleeping capsules directly on location.

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The process

Tent rental service, folding-trailer flats and pre-pitched igloo tents were some of the first approach ideas. But going further, deeper, and giving an interesting twist to the problem that we chose, CrateMate came to be. CrateMate is a repurposed shipping container, that when brought to a festival, it can accommodate up to 20 people. So, forget your camping gear at home, CrateMate offers a comfortable sleeping capsule which includes clean sheets, power sockets, showers and toilets free from any effort. Start the careless-free festival season because everywhere you go, you will be able to book a CrateMate.

The end product



Every cabin features a single bed (80x220cm), a nightstand with drawer, a nightlight, a USB-port and a normal powerplug. There is still enough space for your own belongings.


The cabins are locked and unlocked by using a bracelet with an RFID chip in it. The containers are fitted with an RFID receiver that can read the chip and open the corresponding container. To show which container is unlocked a LED-ring around the receiver will light up in the correct direction. This ring will also function as a little light during nighttime.

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The final product




Not only do we supply sleeping accomodation, but there is also the possiblity (for the festival organisation) to rent shower and toilet facilities. The toilet container has room for 16 toilets, 8 per gender.

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The shower container uses the same arrangement as the toilet container. So 8 showers for men and 8 for women

CrateMate in the future

As CrateMate plans to grow, we will focus on the three following points:

  • Expand to multiple countries
  • Renting containers for festival (stores, storage and accomodation for employees)
  • Putting bathrooms and toilets around the festival

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