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Market research:

Fresh! Healthy vending
All real food
Full service vending machines

Statistics infographic:

At the station, 55% of the travelers buy consumables
One in three Dutch people eats breakfast at least once a week
Number of travelers per station
Number of travelers; 45% business, 31% school
40 grams of muesli for breakfast
1000.000 travelers a day

Calculations infographic:

There are 1.000.000 million travelers a day. With the table where you can find how many people are at what station we could estimate how many stations are needed to reach 75 % of the travelers. In the table you can see how many people get on and of the train. Every traveler comes at at least two stations. The travelers are counted two times so we had to multiply the million travelers by 2. So 75 % of 2.000.000 is 1,5 million. We counted the amount of travelers up to the 1,5 million. This was at around 25 stations.

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