Why you should invest in YoRoad

Why should your firm invest in YoRoad? First of all a breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and often forgotten or skipped. In the Netherlands, one of the three people doesn’t have a breakfast. People are more efficient if they have had an breakfast, so you can invest in your own employees by making them more efficient. But YoRoad does not only provide breakfasts. The travelers can also buy it for lunch, break or even as a dessert after dinner. A large group of travelers can be reached at stations. YoRoad focusses on business people and students, but also other travelers can buy a YoRoad yoghurt at the vending machine or with a pre-order in combination with the application.


Initial Investment

Before people can use YoRoad, there are some costs who have to be made. These costs differ from building the vending machine and produce the packaging to purchase all the ingredients of the yoghurts. In the beginning, YoRoad will be placed on 5 stations. To get everything ready, around €1.570.000,- is needed.

For this amount of money there will be investors needed, for instance Unilever or Campina Foods, etc.


In the first year, there is assumed that 375.000 portions of food will be sold. With some savings for suddenly brakes and the repairs who are needed then, there will be a total loss of around €253.000,-.
In the second year there is considered that 450.000 portions of food will be sold. In the third year this will be 600.000 portions.
Approximately, during the third year, there will be a break even. At the end of the third year, there will be a profit of around €16.000,-.
The profit of the upcoming 5 years is stated in the graphic. In the first three years, there will be 5 YoRoad vending machines spread over the larges stations. In the fourth year, there will be 7 and in the fifth year 13 machines will be spread around the Netherlands.

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