The YoRoad

The YoRoad is designed for people who travel to school or work by train, mostly students or business people. These people are most of the time busy and in a hurry, especially in the morning. They don’t want to spend too much time on their meal, but of course they want a healthy meal. For these people, the YoRoad is the perfect solution, because the YoRoad delivers fresh and healthy yoghurts for on the road.

With the YoRoad, it is possible to make your own customized yoghurt. With the service, there is an ability to choose between different portion sizes, different sorts of yoghurt and diverse toppings, such as tasty chocolate or healthy almonds. The order can be customized both on the train station and in the app. Thanks to the app, there is the possibility to make your own favourite combinations, which can be saved for later. The favourites can be ordered again later on in a very fast way. The app gives the opportunity to set the pick-up time, so the order can be placed on beforehand. Through this it is easy to get a fresh meal, during the hurry while travelling. The unique design, with the glass in front of the muesli, makes it more pleasurable to order a meal by YoRoad.

The YoRoad will be placed on different train stations in the Netherlands. The vending machine will be placed in the station hall. This makes it easy to pick up the yoghurt at the entrance of the station or during a switch.

Our Vision

For the future, in ten years, we want to have YoRoad at 25 stations. Hereby there is a reach 75 % of the travelers. Because of the 25 stations there also will be two extra storages one in the north and one east-south. There will be of course more employees and vans, in total 55 employees. 35 bringing food and 20 at the office. And there will be 22 vans. There will be a profit of 4,5 million with 3,3 million revenue. That is 360 sold meals a day per station.

The current consumer will become more conscious about the environment, so we want to replace the plastic tray for a more sustainable material. In ten years, maybe a reusable tray can be developed,
which can be refilled against reduced costs. In this way, we adapt to the preferences and demands of the customers. Besides the ‘green’ image, we also want to work on the ‘social’ image. This can be done by distributing the leftovers of the YoRoad among homeless people or set the foodstuffs available
for a food bank.

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