Project Specific Users

Industrial Design Bachelor, 2022

University of Twente

Group 15

A glance at our project

As students of the study Industrial Design Engineering from the University of Twente, we have followed the project “Designing for Specific Users” in the module 7 of our second year. The project is about co-designing a product or service to support people with a disability in their daily life. The goal of this project is to work together with a person with a disability, and for the students to learn the different methods of co-designing.


This section introduces you to the conducted context mapping, including the case owners and their disease.


This section will lead you through the ideation and concepts generated thanks to the co-design methods and the resulting final solution and its prototype.


This section evaluates the prototype and presents the results. It also reflects on the extent of our product and how it could expand on the market.