Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about creating a website?

For Create-students: follow the course Web Technology (part of module 1). For Industrial Design: follow the course Website development (part of module 8). Both courses have plenty of online materials to get you started.
Find a good tutorial site, like

Problems with installing updates/plugins/themes

If you get a Connection-message to enter your FTP-credentials, you can add the line define('FS_METHOD','direct'); to the wp-config file. Details in step 4 of the installation guide.
If you still experience troubles, try a manual install. Eg. for updates, follow these steps (BE CAREFULL: at step 4, I would suggest not to delete the directories, but rather rename them).

Problems after uploading page(s): page not showing properly

Errors might be shown in the Console: Open the Console (CTRL-SHIFT-J in Chrome) and reload the page. Common problems are:

Can I get a MySql database?

Yes. You can do that here. You can manage the database via PHPMyAdmin.

Can I use WordPress?

Yes. Create a database (see question above). Download Wordpress from and install it. A tutorial on how to install WordPress is available.

Why am I unable to find my site via the homepage or search-field?

If you have just registered, it can take several hours for your portfolio site to become visible. Also sites in which no content has been uploaded yet are not displayed by the search/browse function. The search/browse function will only search in sites which contain content (at least an index-file like index.html or index.php should be there). If your site is still not visible, please contact the administrator.

I now have my own site. Can I let this site redirect to my new site?

Yes, you can. Create a file index.php and insert the content from the example below. Replace the URL with your own.

There is another example here. Which includes the possibility to add a delay.

Can I have my portfolio site removed?

If you have graduated or for any other reason you want to remove the portfolio, send an email with a request to the administrator. Include your student number in the request.

Unable to resolve a problem yourself?

Please use this form to contact us.