An inclusive design that makes the light accessible to the visually impared, by giving feedback to its user.


In this chapter you’ll find a thorough description of the findings that were made during the analysis phase. The design team did source research into the different perceptions of disabilities and the design principles that have to be taken into account during this project. Besides, an interview was taken with the client to get an overview of the project as a whole and to define both the design challenge and its corresponding design requirements.


After the analysis phase, the design team proceeded with the project and started the ideation phase. The ideation phase was meant to explore and iterate on possible solutions to solve the design challenge. In this part, you’ll see how we merged some of the best ideas into three main directions.


Since co-designing was used throughout this ideation process, a subchapter has been made to further collaborate on this part of the project. Since this design process is aimed to design a product for one specific user, it was crucial that the design team involved the client in decision making when needed. In here, you’ll get to know how the design team made the client part of the design process and what decisions were made by either the design team, the client or both.


Prototyping played a bigger role in this project than usual since the client is totally blind and can thus not see any of the designs that were previously drawn. Therefore, prototyping became a crucial part of the communication between the design team and the client. In this part, you’ll see how prototyping was used to communicate the design ideas to the client and how conclusions were made from it.

Final product

This chapter is about the final product design and its specifications. The final design is presented to you and any remarks about it are stated. Besides, a conclusion and evaluation will be given to look back on the process from start to end.


In the final chapter, you’ll read all about the evaluation of this project and further information about the contents of this user study test plan, as well as the results that came out of this research.

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