Empowering Painting

Developing a support for impaired painters

Industrial Design Bachelor Program
Project Designing For Specific Users
University of Twente, 2023

Our Solution

To help our case owner, we designed a canvas that gave her support in the way she wanted to paint

Hover over the models, to see the possibilities of movement

How does it work?

Moveable Support

The Canvas features an arm support, which can move both vertically and horizontally, to reach every part of the canvas effortlessly

Canvas Compensates Movement

The canvas moves in the opposite (vertical) direction of the support, to effectively cut the required movements in half

Ergonomic Contact with arm

The arm support was designed with measurements of the case owner, to ensure a perfect fit.

Fixable Canvas

The canvas stays fixed in position unless the foot pedal is depressed

Modular Components

All movable components are mounted to light and stiff aluminum extrusions

Support of up to A2-Paper

Shoulder and Arm Support

To manufacture a support that supported our case owner in the required ways, but also left them enough degrees of freedom to comfortably express themselves creatively, we designed the support in close close contact, making use of various co-design methods and measurements. Its angle is adjustable through rotationally adjustable hinges.

Braking System

The braking system ensures that horizontal movement of the canvas is only possible when the foot pedal is depressed

Common Components

The braking system uses a bicycle disc brake, so that it can be repaired easily.

Brake Reverser

The disc brakes motion is reversed by a combination of a lever and spring, so that the canvas is normally locked

Materials and Parts

Main concerns when selecting which materials and parts to use were stiffness, strength and repairability.

The main stucture of the canvas is a wooden frame, which provides a stiff and sturdy backbone to the contraption
Components that need to slide are mounted on aluminum extrusions, which provide a stiff and light modular platform for accessories.
The brake system relies on common bicycle parts, so that it could be fixed by a non-trained technician in case of failure.

Meet the team

We are Project Group 9 from Project DSU

Jasmijn Bussemaker
Mauricio Goncalves Tikovsky
Nikolai Konstantin Schauer
s2873575 n.k.schauer@student.utwente.nl
Mathis Seelig

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