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Jasper Westenbroek

Industrial Design Engineer

My vision

As a designer I like to design user-centered. However, I do not want my products to make life easier, I want my products to add value instead of being an object. My designs should empower people instead of making them dependant. I would like to create this through interaction. Both the interaction between user and product and the interaction between the user and the world. I want to connect people and get them to talk when they are using my products.

From Idea to Prototype

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A therapy for autistic children via usage of the Zeno robot


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A robotic vacuum cleaner for PHILIPS

Human-Product Relations

A bench to prevent drug trafficking

Smart Products

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A Dropbox for package delivery at dorms

Specific Targetgroup

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An automated bicycle stand for the elderly

Through the years I have done many design assignments. These assignments were meant to hone my skills as a designer. The timeline on the right shows my progress through the past 3 years. If you click on a picture you will see more drawings belonging to that period of time or assignment.

These drawings represent my style and passion for design.

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7559 AE

The Netherlands

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My name is Jasper Westenbroek and I am 22 years old. I am an industrial design engineer. Currently in the last year of the bachelor. With a passion for discovering new things both in design, engineering and life. I am an ambitious, curious and intuitive designer, who does not stress easily and works very well with others. I value honesty and integrity from both myself and my teammates. My creativity comes from my imaginative mind. And as an ENFP'er I strive to make the most out of my life.

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