Creating a redesign proposal for University of Twente’s executive boardroom by translating demands and wishes of its users into several ideas and concepts.
Using Blenders particle system to create a towel.
Iterating my personal logo.
A number of proposed logo designs.
A small movie made using Blenders physics system.
A non-conventional way of designing an outdoor shelter inspired by natural structures and shapes.
A 2D sketch using Sketchbook.
Rethinking Redbeans© coffeemaker design and appearance.
A number of fictonal magazine covers and pages.
A demonstration video made with SolidWorks for the Redbeans coffiemaker concept.
The idea of a virtual city tour guide which offers the opportunity to explore a city in a new and exciting way.
A number of proposed logo designs.
Exploring lighting and physics capabilities in Blender.
An autonomous robot that is capable of locating plants and providing them with water. A prototype with Lego NXT was made to test its autonomy.
A set of graphic material designed for the 2015 symposium of study union S.V. Paradoks. This set includes logo's, posters, flyers, templates and presentations.
Aiming for a 1-page homescreen with a minimal layout.
A logo for the 37th administration of study union S.V. Paradoks which matches their existing logo.
An exergaming device was designed which could cooperate with existing games in order to fight obesity in children. The designed product forces children away from gaming platform and lead them outside with a interactive gaming watch in order to obtain digital achievements for the game.
An infographic for a fictional hotel.
A non-conventional way of designing products: A mass is manipulated with a tool and a cast is made. From this cast different iterations and shapes are acquired which lead to a product concept.
A logo for a study trip to France.
The Teaseptuplicator is a "smart" tea making device capable of housing 7 different kinds of tea. A smart system design was made to make the Teaseptuplicator function autonomously.
A small sketching project.
Vencer design case.
Creating a wearable timepiece with a steampunk appearance.
A portable Beachchair.
A businesscard idea using a custom wordmark.
A rendered office space.
By examining the heuristics, a redesign for the Fluke scopemeter was made resulting in a clear and simple to handle user interface.
A sketch of a DVD player in the style of the movie Oblivion.
A wristwatch concept to work together with the game Starcraft.
A wristwatch concept for backpackers.