Industrial Design Student
Tom Feij
See what I can do

What I can do

Graphic Design

Typography, illustration... From magazine spreads to businesscards or posters. Interesting stuff.


Showing things you saw or experienced to others.

Industrial Design Sketching

This type of drawing is all about communication. A useful skill to use as a tool for explaining things to others.


Graphic Design

I very much like printed design.

InDepth magazine Issue #1 cover and spread

Page lay-out illustration

Magazine covers


Research report spreads and infographic

Page lay-out and illustration

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I own an outdated Nikon DSLR with which I like to walk around.

Norway #1

Travel Photography


Travel Photography

Norway #2

Travel Photography

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Industrial Design

Projects and drawings of product design

Graava action cam

Fictional case

Copper pans

Product sketch

Chrome iron

Product sketch

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About me

Here is a picture of me and some links to my social media pages.

Tom Feij