Sanne Kassenberg

Welcome to my website, where you can get to know more about me, my skills and everything I have done so far in life and in my studies.

Who am I?

An enthousiastic, motivated and persistend industrial design student.
I would not have been where I am right now without the existence of tea

I’m Sanne Kassenberg, an enthusiastic and persistent twenty-year-old with a dream of owning a Volkswagen T1. Besides entertaining my roommates with my fusion cooking experiments and horrible singing I spent my time creating things in my Industrial Design study. These ‘things’ can vary from graphical designs, design sketching, product ideas, prototypes and presentations. The difference between all of these aspects is what got me into studying Industrial Design. My interests vary between creativity and technology, which industrial design all covers. Next to that I would never want to stop learning. Because I encounter different problems, different teams in which I work and different aspects of designing I acquire more and more knowledge every day. The time I have left besides my study I spent petting dogs, traveling, photography and being active in multiple student committees. These committees vary from organizing a faculty introduction for the new Industrial Design students to organizing pub quizzes in a student bar, but I take all of them just as serious.

What can I do?

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Industrial Design

Bringing creative, yet functional solutions to the table, that is what industrial design is all about. Through teamwork and research a fitting solution will be created. On this website multiple projects made by me and some other students are shown.

Design sketching

Visualizing is an important part of the design process. This can happen during the idea phase, concept phase or as a visualization of the final product. It is a way of communicating between designers and between designer and client.


Telling stories through images has always been an interest. My favorite stories are shown with a landscape, which could be a city, a rough mountain or peaceful planes. To see, capture and show these stories is an exciting challenge which keeps your eyes open.

Graphic design

Typography, aligning and creating the perfect feel for a certain target group is very important. This can be done in so many different platforms, such as websites, business cards or magazine covers. Which all can be found by clicking on the menu on this website.

Get in touch

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