Raw Shaping//Photos
These are some pictures I took and edited for the course 'Raw Shaping and form finding'. The assingment was to explore and find inspiration in almost everything.

Context: The course 'Raw Shaping Form Finding'
Date: Oktober '13
Magazine Spread//Graphic Design
A fictional two page article showcasing some extreme skiing.

Context: Graphic Design course
Date: September '13
two page spread
Poster//Graphic Design
This is a poster I made for the course Graphic Design. The assignment was to make a poster for an upcoming event.

Context: Graphic Design course
Date: September '13
poster exposition
Shampoo Bottle//Drawings
During one of the lectures of the course 'Applied Drawing Skills' the subject was making quick concept drawings on a colored background.
The assingment after this lecture was to make a quick sketchup of shampoo bottles.

Context: The course 'Applied Drawing Skills'
Date: March '14
poster exposition
Coffee Grinder//Product Design
An assignment given at the Twente Univerisity: to develop and build a fully functional coffee grinder. The starting point was selecting one of the designs made for the previous individual project. The coffee grinder concept ‘Antelope Canyon’ designed by Harro Engelen was chosen to develop into a working prototype. The final design featured a big lever system, grinding grade adjustability and the ability to be installed on the wall for ease of use.

Team: Harro Engelen, Evelyn Van De Bildt, Mark Zwart, Mirjam De Jonge, Rolf Van Der Toom, Folkert Prins
Context: 'Product actualization' (project)
Date: April '13
Concept drawings made for the course 'Applied Drawing Skills'.

Context: The course 'Applied Drawing Skills'
Date: March '14
Shape Methodoly//Drawings
These are some of the drawing I made for the course 'Shape Methodoly'. The first one is a concept drawing of an alarm clock. The idea was to design a rough industrial-like clock that would fit in modern industrial interiors. The second drawing is of a post-opacalyptic vehicle and the third a concept drawing of a bag in the style of an object given at the lectures.

Context: The course 'Shape Methodoly'
Date: June '14
Key-Fob//Product Design
These are concepts of a key-fop anticipating the future of automaticly parking cars. During the course'Development of interactive products' a concept was developed describing how such a system should function. Most important was the interaction with the user that would occur during use. Therefore the UI was carefully developed. To set a target group and style, the Bentley Continental was chosen as aiming point. The renderings on the right are made by Mark Zwart.

Team: Jorik Ordelmans, Wessel Fletterman, Mark Zwart, Folkert Prins
Context: the course 'Development of interactive products'
Date: Oktober '14
Concrete Speakers//Product Design
These speakers are the result of an open assignment at the Twente University. My goal: to design and make a functional 2.0 speaker set prototype, mainly constructed out of conrete, that would fit in industrial style interiors. My two main learning goals were gaining knowledge on the subjects speakerbox design and conrete.

Context: Open Assignment
Date: September '14

Hi! This is my portfolio website. It is currently under contstruction but please feel free to take a look at some of my work below.
coffee grinder
shampoo bottle
leave structure