Target group

People with autism who live in protected living and want to become more independent.

Design challenge

How can we help people get independent by helping them organize their daily live, starting and finishing their daily tasks?


An app to guide you in your daily tasks.


Based on research different conceps were developed.

Final design

Project Movie

RitStick Concept

The RitStick, however, is an addition for the app which gives the user more options and also helps them to be more independent

  • The stick will be connected to the phone and the Ritme app
  • Whenever there is a task from the app, the RitStick will vibrate or make an alarm sound to make the user aware of the fact that it is time to do a task
  • The alarm can be replaced by different music that gives less pressure on autistic people and doesn’t make them anxious
  • On the screen of the device, the task is being displayed. With an RFID chip at the location of the task the alarm can be turned off

App design

A calendar system is added to the application. The updated app offers a clearer overview of tasks. Besides, users can also set a “remind me again” to make the product play music again in a certain time. This can help them keep working on the same task or begin with the task.

Use Scenario

Meditation Functionality

CAD Models

Concept Board


This project was done in cooperation with:

The University of Twente as part of the Bachelor programme Industrial Design Engineering, the course Designing For Specific Users edition 2020.


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  • Renata Alejandra Cruz Mendoza
    Hanyu Huang
    Pim Langeveld
    Xin Wen
    Oscar Weiss
    Laura van der Werf
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  • Module coordinators: Jelle van Dijk & Cristina Zaga, University of Twente.