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Our Services

We offer a full package. With help of products and additional services, you can leave the entire payment system to us. With the Paycelet, your credits will be easily organized and transfered. We offer services not only to manage your credits easily, but also extra feature that will broaden the festival-go'ers experience.

Digital Payment System

We allow you to buy credits (either coins or actual money) beforehand and transfer them to your wristband. At the festival all you'll really need is your wristband.

Trained Staff

Our staff knows how to work with all our products and can offer optimal service. They will not only work with the product, but train and supervise your employees in working with our product as well.


To make sure that our custumers will always be able to access our services, we offer to provide a wifi signal at every festival. We work with a second company with all the products and knowledge you could need.

The Products

Everything we offer in one place.



Charge Machine



Interested in working with us? See what we could do for you in the list below.

  • Business Model

    You have already seen what we offer, but what's in it for you? This is what we defined in our business plan. Click on the image on the right and you'll know too.

  • Flow Chards

    Understanding how our technology works is a delicate matter. It may seem vague sometimes, but not to worry, we have mapped it all out for you! Click on the left image to see how our technology will do what it's been asked

  • Tutorials

    You might think that it will be difficult too get started in the app, but this too has been taken into consideration. The app will start off with a live tutorial. To see what this tutorial will look like you can click the image on the right.

  • An Impression

    We have created a scenario in Unity. You will not have to wonder what our services will look like on a festival terein; we can show you right now! When you click on the image you will find a yourself in a festival terrain. Feel free to walk our and check the interface of the charge machine if you'd like.

Our Team

We have worked on this project with a team of six.

Jeroen van Kekem

Suzanne Nijhuis

Catharina Wiersma

Stijn Eikenaar

Thimo Willems

Ellis van Steenis

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