I am a student Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. On this website you can find some of the projects I worked on over the last couple of years.

Redesign of a coffee machine for the office, commissioned by Redbeans. The machine produces fresh ground coffee, the beans are visible from the outside. The wood adds a "natural" feeling to the machine, which contributes to the freshness of the coffee.

Made in collaboration with: Jan Kleine Deters, Jolanda Gremmer, Jorien Alers, Karel Bramer and Michiel Bergmans.
A study of what H&M would look like in 2040. The result is a building where all of the stages in the lifecycle of clothing is present. Clothing is produced, sold and recycled all in the same building. Also, plants are grown to produce more fibers to be used for the production of clothing.

Made in collaboration with: Bryan Oostra, David Claassen, Jeroen Vissers and Wessel Fletterman
Wireless charging system for electric vehicles. The system automatically charges the vehicle when it's parked. The charging pad will align with the one on the car to allow maximum efficiency when charging. The system will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

Made in collaboration with: Klevi Pecollari and Sander Randaru
CeNav is a navigational app that can be used on the campus of the University of Twente. It is designed specifically with blind people in mind. The app offers full navigation on the whole campus. Outside and inside the buildings. Its special features are a buddy system, with which a person in need of help can ask for a nearby buddy to assist, and a crowd radar, where current busy places can be shown.

Made in collaboration with: Michael Gale, Sarah Roediger and Tijmen van Willigen