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It is important to me that I deliver good quality. I love to submerge myself in a task and present a complete picture I'm proud of.

Design as a tool

The design of a product should add to its worth. A great product has the right aesthetic and a functional design that speaks for itself.


I love the biomedical branch of product design, I'm interested in designing with a low environmental impact and I'm not afraid to do some programming either.


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Product Realisation


Smart Products


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Design Sketching

Several courses

Graphic Design


Education and Work

Experiences throughout the years.

  • 2009-2015

    Montessori College Twente

    At this high school I completed my VWO (b├Ęta direction with advanced English).

  • May 2014

    Internship USA

    I went to New York for two weeks to shadow the manager of a large clinic for prosthetics and orthotics. An awesome and enriching experience!

  • 2015- present

    Bsc. Industrial Design, University of Twente

    Three years full of projects and courses regarding mechanics, sketching, ergonomics, math, manufacturing, product modelling and more. All preparing me to become a professional in the field.

  • Jul.-Aug. 2017

    Translating software at Stratech

    I applied my bilingual education and knowledge to translate software for the recreation industry.

  • Sep. 2017-Feb. 2018

    Minor Biomedical Engineering

    Ten weeks to culture stem cells into fat and to design a novel method to treat a hereditary disease. After which I spent another ten weeks developing a Lab-on-a-Chip.

  • Miscellaneous

    Other activities that shaped me include my work for the evaluation committee, being a caregiver for two years and organising the introduction for the new ID students in 2016.

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