About me

Welcome to the portfolio-website of Michael Delhaye. I am a Industrial Design student at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. I'm a third year bachelor-student. The website contains a selection of the work I have made during the bachelor course. The work is categorized in 4 categories: Drawings, Photos, Graphics and Renders.

If you want to contact me, please don't hesitate and leave a message behind. I will send you a message as soon as possible.

For me it is important to put the many ideas I have in my head on paper. It is a way for expression and communication, especially in team work this is a significant factor. The sketches are made with pencil or pen. The further the progress of an idea the more detailed it becomes. The sketches and drawings are colored in with markers, crayons and colored pencils. I use a digital drawing tablet to set up clean looking images of objects. A selection of my best drawings is shown.

Graphic works such as magazine pages, covers and posters require very smart and creative thinking. The goal of every graphic work of mine is to get the attention of the viewers from the very first second they were looking at it. The trick is to create interesting perspectives to fascinate the viewer. A good graphic work will inform the viewer in a engaging way that shall not be forgotten too easily. A selection of my graphic works\ is shown.

As an idea comes in later stages with rapidly increasing details a Computer Aided Model (CAD) becomes highly valued. A CAD model could be made for analyses or evaluation. The renderings of a CAD model make it possible to give visual aid in order to see how the object behaves in an specific environment. The CAD model in environment makes it easier to understand what the object will look like and what kind of proportions it has. A selection of my renders is shown.

Making a photo is not as simple as it seems. The lighting, the perspective, the reflection, the object and the shadow are all important aspects. When an idea is worked out and a model is made, product photography comes into play. The object should be captured in such a way that it is informative and elegant at the same time. The photographs are all made with a DSLR-camera: Canon 600D.