Logo for the Dutch association for engineers and engineering students. This logo won in 2013 a design competition and is the current logo of Kivi.


Opgehaald is a product service system, that makes it easier for customers to quickly buy and pick- up food on the go. At Opgehaald you can order your food online or in the Opgehaald app, put in your arrival time and pick up the food that will be stored in your personal locker. The customer can even put in his allergies, favorite food, and other wishes. This is a fast, easy, healthy and an efficient solution to get food. Although in this project we decided to limit the location of the product to train stations, in order to focus and save time, the PSS can also be designed to be placed and used in other places such as at the university library or a festival. This system was designed in a group.

Grind 'n' Go

The Grind 'n' Go is a compact and lightweight coffee-grinder for backpackers. It is not only a grinder, but there is also a filter and a mug integrated into this product. In this project, the main goal was to design for manufacturing beginning with a specified concept. This product was designed with a group and won the jury award for best design of the study project.

Walking Aid

This product is a walking aid for people with long distance walking gaits. These walking gaits often have some neurological cause and manifest themselves in reduced leg control or leg strength.The walking process using the walking aid is as follows: When the handle is pulled, first the foot is pulled up and straightened. This is done until the stoppers on the rope transfer the pulling power to the knee strap, which is then bent and pulled upwards. Then, when the handle is lowered again, the knee will extend and go down again after which the foot is slowly loosened. This product was designed with a group and won the jury award for best design of the study project.


The tripot is a barbecue for on a balcony. A layer can be added on top of the barbecue, this layer will provide a place for gel fire cans. On top of this layer another layer can be added, where herbs can grow. This product was designed with a group and won the jury award for best design of the study project.


Graphic Design



User Interface Design

An interactive sports watch is programmed in Axure, to be able to test the User Interface. The interactive sports watch has a touch screen and the navigation is based on a smartphone. In this design, the emphasis is on the usability of this product and not so much on the graphic design. This sports watch is designed by a group but mostly programmed by me.
Demo Sportwatch

Website Design

I designed and build two simple websites, one for a grooming salon and one for a damage expert. The site you are looking at right now was also programmed manually. The websites are programmed with Adobe Dreamworks, using HTML, CSS and jquery plugins.

About Lisette

Since 2012 I am studying Industrial Design at the University of Twente. I am curious and have a wide range of interest. I like to be creative and come up with solutions. That is why Industrial Design definitely is the right study for me. My creativity and my wide range of interest are also shown in my hobbies. Painting, baking, crocheting and playing guitar are just an example of things I like to do in my spare time.

I am also very passionate about gymnastics. I teach gymnastics to a competition group with ages between seven and seventeen. Besides organizing the training and going to competition I organize various gymnastic events. I love to see the children playing and laughing, to help them accomplish goals and overcome fears.

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