Yannick Heijs

I'm Yannick Heijs, industrial designer.
This website gives some insight into my work and experience, which I have acquired over the past couple of years. This includes both group projects and individual work conducted during my study
Industrial Design Engineering.

Identity the problems which users face dealing with the packaging of microwave dinners and propose a re-design presenting the next-generation packaging for microwave dinners.

Design of outdoor toy for children aged from 5 till 7 years old which stimulates learning while playing with it. The toy can be considered a playhouse, airplane or truck and is primarily used in the garden.

Create a distinctive character which is to inform office workers of the importance of workfloor ergonomics, and fits in Peoplefirst's corperate identity.

Design the 'Jura Coffee Experience', which can be used as a marketing tool to increase awareness of Jura's brand among its target consumer group. Also, the Coffee Experience Module should incorporate the next-generation fully-automatic espresso machine.

Incorporate the visual branding of IMPACT into its working environment.

Numerous product sketches, graphic and concept designs on various media.

Product and packaging cycle.
Areas of child development
Creative brainstorm
Play behaviour of a child.
Several building variations
Different sketches of Leonardo.
One of the cartoons
Image of a welcoming Leonardo
Impression image of the CEM with an open drawer
Front view close up of CEM
Concept for IMPACT's display case
Impression image of the display case
Hallway of the IMPACT office location
Close-up impression
Car hand drawings
Sixties-inspired cover
Sixties-inspired cover
Shape sketches for an electric shaver.
Scenario of shaving.
Several drafts for a watch design.
Shape model of the watch.
Hand drawing of ski goggles.
Digital render of a toaster.