Portfolio of Yannick Heijs

I am Yannick Heijs, industrial designer. This website gives some insight into my work and experience, which I have acquired over the past couple of years. This includes both group projects and individual work conducted during my study Industrial Design Engineering.

Schiphol's information depicted

How can users be enabled to communicate in a clear manner and make infographics

Experiments in Storytelling

An ongoing project that started with my fascination for comicbooks and storytelling

Design of a necklace

A pendent incorporating a meaningful sentence

Areas of child development
paper prototypes of the pendant

Lemonade bottle rocket

As part of a course about packaging design I developed a gift package for a brand of lemonades

Areas of child development

MiniFlow, a dental water flosser

During my period in Beijing, China, I worked on a dental water flosser. The miniFlow is a concept for a portable water flosser


Various skecthes, illustrations and designs I made over
the years