Configuration Management

We have chosen not to integrate Configuration management in the project, because in the given time for the project, the provided information was not applicable for the project now. When this product will be further developed in the future, maybe ‘Mr. Reves’ could for example be used when choosing the material.

We did take the part about Product Configuration in consideration while deciding what options and filters should be presented to the user interface, to make it as easy and clear as possible for the user to find all the options and see what influence this has on his or her map. In the user interface screen for selecting the locations, the filters are on the left side and the chosen locations are on the right side. This is inspired by the example of the car configuration tool.

Mr. Reves

MrReves allows you to define your engineering problem and will determine how to solve it. Almost all real-life problems have unknown factors resulting in multiple solutions. So to get results, just tell MrReves what you know of your problem and it will show the possible solutions.


Car manufacturers like Mercedes or BMW use a configurator tool. Because a car has a lot of specifications like the color of the car of the fabric inside. Here is an example to show how it looks like.


In the text there is a reference to the interface of RLY. Here is the screen with the filters and the side bar. Here are all the options shown and the choices the user has made.