Adding a service

There will be added an service to the product that has been designed (augmented eye machine). Namely a service that delivers the softare, maintains the machine and upgrades the software with new technology if it has developed and if the customer has the need to this new technology and this will make more profit. Because we add an extra service to a product this will cost at the beginning more money than the profit that will be achieved. This is mostly because the product is new and people have to discover it. If more and more people will use the product and if the quality of the service is and stays good, than this will results eventually to the achieve of long-term profitability.

The service will be good if:
- There is a lot of attention to customer proximity
This way you will get a better understanding of the customer needs and you are more likely to keep your customer’s interest in your product. For example, a questionnaire to a visitor of a zoo, in which you will ask about their experience with the product and maybe if they are interested in future developments. Keeping the software up to date according to the customer need.
- A good and stable service quality
The product will be in different businesses and it is very important that the service quality will still be the same in each business. This way you are able to get a brand image of good service quality and a brand you can trust. So the installation, maintenance and customer proximity must have the same quality everywhere.

User test

To find out if the customer is interested in the use of our machine or our machine with new technology, you could do a user test. This test will find out whether further development of the augmented reality possibilities is attractive to customers. This can be done through the use of a virtual environment, where people can walk ‘through a zoo environment’ and give them the option to use a machine. When they will use it you can look at their behavior, how do they react on the new technology? Afterwards you can ask questions like; why did you purchase a look through the machine? What thoughts did you have while using the machine? What did you like? What did you dislike? What did you miss? What did you expected to see? This way you can find out if the machine is attractive to people and what the next steps could be when using a newer technology for the machine.

- Have a lot of attention to customer proximity
- Guarantee a good and stable service quality
- Do an user test before launching the product / new developments

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