Swappable, modular batteries for your electric vehicle.


SWEB offers a flexible battery rental service and swapping system for logistics and (public) transport fleets, as well as consumer electric vehicles. Our quick and easy swapping system enables sustainable driving without the hassle of charging time. This makes our service particularly useful for companies operating in Low Emission Zones, when charging times make the use of electric vehicles unreasonable. On top of that, SWEB assures that the batteries are functional and healthy at all times.

SWEB also offers an easy option for people to make small investments in the sustainable car industry by purchasing batteries or swapping stations and including them in the grid.


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Longer battery lifespan

  • By renting the batteries we take the responsibility of maintaining them and achieving the longest possible lifespan.

  • By swapping the batteries and charging them in the swapping stations rather than quick-charging them at a charging station, the batteries can maintain a longer lifespan due to the slow and controlled “charging while waiting to be swapped”.

Overall Improvements

  • By being able to easily swap each battery pack this makes the lifetime of the vehicle independent from the batteries and vice versa (in the case of e.g. a car crash).

  • Newer batteries with higher capacities, less weight/material or other improvements can easily be introduced into the battery system and slowly replace the older batteries.

  • Makes it possible to support the overall energy network and the use of renewable energies by being able to charge more during the periods of oversupply in the energy network.


  When a battery has reached a certain number of lifecycles and a reduced energy capacity that is not anymore usable for cars, we take them out of the regular swapping system. We then make sure that they are used further for less demanding, stationary uses, by renting them out for a largely reduced price. The main uses for these second-grade batteries are in buildings as energy storage, connected to e.g. a PV system, or they can be used by energy suppliers to be installed near big wind or solar parks.



At some the batteries will reach the point where they cannot be used anymore. In this case our batteries can be 100% recycled and because they are standardised we can make sure that the raw materials are re-used directly for the production of new SWEB Batteries, creating a circular economy between our partners.