Esther Gerrits


Project Ahrend

The second year of my study Industrial Design I worked in a multidisciplinary project.

We developed the Flex Chair, an office chair that adjust it’s height to the personal settings of the user. The Flex Chair prevents health issues and makes sure the user can work optimal through the day.

Dyson juicer

Because of the knee joint as mechanism this juicer is very easy in it’s use. With one hand you will be able to squeeze an orange fully. This juicer will be an eyecatcher in it’s environment.

Augmented zoo

Adding augmented reality to a zoo will give an unique experience to visitors. It will make a zoo distinctive and more attractive which will result in more visitors and more profit.

Design sketching

Brand new Gardena Mower with unlimited power and customization possibilities

Work experience

Babysitting 2010-2015

Kids from 4-12 years.

Cleaning 2013-2015

Every week I worked 4,5 hours cleaning houses.

Teaching kids 2015-now

I help kids with their homework at the company Onderwijsbegeleiding Oost Nederland.