Destyn = Stijn Eikenaar

Fortune favours the bold.

My name is Stijn Eikenaar and I run Destyn. I am a 22-year old living in Enschede and currently in the final phase of my studies. Currently, I am very interested in the world of packaging design; combining technology with creativity. Next to this, I spend my time doing fitness, delving into health & lifestyle and enjoying the perks of a student life (;

After 4 years of studying Industrial Design Engineering I have seen a lot of (graphical) designs, both within my studies and within companies. The thing that stands out to me is that nothing stands out; all designs stay within the boundaries and do not dare to be completely different. This is what motivated me to start as a freelance designer.

My aim with Destyn is to make graphic designs that stand out in a way that is best described with being modern, daring and new. Are you just starting your company and in need of a logo? Are you looking for rejuvenation of your website? Do you need a design that screams your message in a way no one screams it? Look no further, reach out to me and together we can create something awesome!

Stijn Eikenaar
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