Destyn = design for you

Destyn redesigns the way people look at your brand.



A brand new logo or a complete new take on an existing one; I can design it for you.

document layout

Using Adobe InDesign I can make beautiful layouts for documents like theses, reports, etc.

Design for print

Folders, leaflets, posters, business cards, you name it and I can design it for you, ready to be printed.


Using wordpress I can design any website you want, like this one for example!


Destyn = Stijn Eikenaar

DESTYN = Stijn Eikenaar

Different. Open-minded. Reliable. This is what Destyn stands for, what I stand for. My name is Stijn Eikenaar, a Master student in Industrial Design Engineering. I believe that design, whether in products, on websites, or on print, should always stand out from the crowd. This is only possible if one dares to draw outside the lines and walk the paths that have not been walked before.

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