PLM Group 2


University of twente
Product Life Cycle Management
Royal Ahrend

The concept

Royal Ahrend is the leading expert regarding office environment solutions, since 1896 they produce quality office furniture. To keep this position, Ahrend needs to stay ahead of its competition and innovatie its business. This website provides a strategy to do just that, the core concept of this strategy is explained in the video. To learn even more about the strategy, just click one of the links below.


What are the problems occuring at Ahrend? What is the mission and where should they strive for?


How can Ahrend maintain their strong position, and what do they need for doing so?


How is Ahrend positively influenced by the new PLM system and what does in mean for their current structure?


How will the system be implemented, what is needed for doing so, and how does it actually work.

The concept

What should Ahrend’s goals be in the near future, and how¬†can they be achieved.

Explanation overview

A more elaborated explanation about the four parts will be presented here.

About us

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