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Fight the boredom

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The Gaming Network

The Gaming Network is a company based on the goal of fighting boredom. We noticed that there are a lot of public places in which people tend to get bored. This is a problem we want to fight.

We created a vending machine with multiple items to make sure you are no longer bored. In these vending machines you will also find coupons with discounts on various different items and activities throughout the city. We will place these machines in all kinds of public places around cities in the Netherlands to make sure people will never be bored again!


The Product

The product is a sizable vending machine that contains several entertainment items. The basic machine has fourteen spirals in which items can be placed. Each spiral can hold up to six items, so the machine can hold a total of eighty-eight products. All items are visible through the glass window in the machine. After the customer has picked an item and paid for it the corresponding spiral will start to turn. This will cause the chosen item to drop down, ready to be picked up by the customer.

Since the machine is sizable it is possible to make a smaller version. To keep the numpad and display on the appropriate height a stand can be placed under the machine, or it can be bolted to the wall. This stand can be used by companies to place their ads.
product image
Product image

Styling of the machine

With the styling of the final iteration of the product a retro style was enforced. This was done to give it a more old-school feeling of playing card games, reading books, and exploring in the age of technology. This is also reflected by the green colours, which also give an exploring feel.

Furthermore these machines have both to stand out and to blend in. Most vending machines are just overall large and can be quite an eyesore. To counter this effect it was chosen to go with a smaller machine, with more attractive colours. Adding to this, though the machines should stand out a little, they should not be completely out of place. Thus this color green is perfect to blend in to most urban environments. Making this color and styling the most versatile and best applicable in most locations.

The Interaction

First you can choose which product you would like to get by simply looking through the glass window in the machine. When you have chosen your desired product, you will have to check the corresponding number underneath the product. This number can be entered on the numpad which will cause it to appear on the display. After entering the number of the product and confirming it with the OK-button, the payment will start. It you made a mistake entering the number, you can always cancel with the X-button and re-enter the correct number. After the confirmation the display will show the price of the product and will instruct you to place your debit card on the wireless pay scanner. When the payment is completed your product will fall down and you can collect it at the bottom, ready for you to start and enjoy playing.

How to use
product image

The service

As a company we do not only offer the products to the customer, but also a service to both the customer as our partners. Other then the product the customer will buy, he or she will also receive one or a few coupons. These coupons can be exchanged at various places in the city. Examples of this could be a discount on dinner, a free beer at a bar or a discount on a day out. All these discounts will be made possible in close cooperation with the regional tourist centre.

Next we also make sure that when a company decide to place one of our machines on their property, they do not have to put any effort in maintaining them. The machines will be equipped with technology that knows when items are almost out of stock. An automatic order will be placed and we will make sure the machines get restocked. Furthermore if the machine breaks down we will come as soon as possible to fix them.

When we start as a business we will place the machines for free and charge no running cost. But when we get a name for ourselves we can investigate whether companies might be willing to pay money to have our machines placed on their property.

The Location

The main location for our product will most likely be in the vicinity of either stores, general points and areas where people have to wait.

This is because of two reasons, one being that we want people walk by the product often, that way seeing it and possibly using it. The other reason being that these are the locations that most likely the most tourists will be. Furthermore these kinds of locations are also the locations in which advertisements are best seen. Since the bases that the product will be standing on are covered in ads it is important that they are easy to spot.

The primary placement points can be seen in the map above. This way most of the shopping areas are covered and several bars and such.


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