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Love for Design

My love for design started when I was very young.
When I started to experiment with programs like Adobe Photoshop etc. Good and beautiful design is important to show professionality. It makes me happy and enthusiastic.

Technology Orientated

With my background as an Industrial Designer, I can implement designs with the technology aspect taken
in mind. I have designed stuff which needed to be aesthetically beautiful but also worked at the end.

Appreciated Designer

My clients and my project partners are always very enthusiastic about my designs and layouts. I think my strength is visualizing projects in a way that it looks professional and simple at the same time.


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More About Me.

Hello, my name is Boy Kolman. I am an "Industrial Design Engineering" student at the University of Twente. I have always been enthusiastic about design in general. That is why I wanted to become skilled and employed in this branch. For more information just click on "More Info".
You could also check my "Curriculum Vitae".

More Info Curriculum Vitae

"There were six designs of logos needed with the right spray printing format to print on 12.500 powerbanks,
which were sold on some of the largest festivals in The Netherlands, as well as in Belgium. Boy did an excellent
job on designing the vector files with a time pressure of just a few days. If I ever have a
job like this again, I will definitely trust that Boy gets it done."

Tim van Benthem




I am a third year "Industrial Design Engineering" student at the University of Twente in Enschede. I have always been fascinated in the design of products and Graphic Art.

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