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I am a Industrial & Graphic Designer.

I always wanted to be a designer. The passion for design started when I was very young. Be creative and make people happy with my designs, that is what satisfies me and makes me happy.

With my background as an Industrial Designer, I can implement designs with the technology aspect taken in mind. I have designed stuff which needed to be aesthetically beautiful but also worked at the end.

I have almost finished my Bachelor's degree Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente. I am willing to work hard. And I would love to work with other creative designers. In the past I worked with designers on design projects to fullfil end user's needs.

About me

Since the foundation in 2017 my goal has been to use technology and software to create experiences/design with a deeper impact.

I started my own company in October 2017 to complement my skills/portfolio and to expand my network for the future. This business has brought me friendship, self-exploration, experience and much more.

Industrial Design - 3 years Experience

Presentation Skills - 6 years Experience

Graphic Design - 7 years Experience

Branding - 6 years Experience


I create designs and technology.

Experienced in projects of Graphic Design & Industrial Design. I am able to confidently integrate & execute ideas.

My clients and my project partners are always very enthusiastic about my designs and layouts. I think my strength is visualizing projects in a way that it looks professional and simple at the same time.

I have made products/services concepts for Specific Users (mental disabilities), business people and big companies. Please contact me to talk about the projects.



Save your Time Good Communication

Because I did a lot of group work and projects both multidisciplinary and not multidisciplinary I have good communication skills. I have a lot of experience in communicating well. I know the importance not to waste time.


All you Need Professionality

I have years experience in Industrial Design and Graphic Design. With these projects I had a lot of contact with the clients.


What I am Open-minded

Dedication in what I do. It don't matter if it is something I did before or if it is a completely new task/subject.


Creative Thinking Technical elaboration

With my mindset as designer, I am able to think creative and elaborate things technically. Which means I can craft beautifull stuff which will work at the end.

Currently, I am looking for a graduation assignment.


Concept Design

Design a product/service concept. Example: Design the next transport tool.



Research beneficial for Industrial Design/ Market Research.