About Me

My name is Iris Borgman, I was born in 1994 and since 2012 I am studying Industrial Design at the University of Twente. I chose this study, because it gives a great variety of knowledge which will definitely help in the future. During my study I have had the experience of both working in groups and individually, which gave interesting results and designs. In my spare time I like to go horseback riding, to bake, to meet with friends and to play floorball with my sports club.

What I admire about designers, is how you can start with a few guidelines or a problem and by going through a creative process of brainstorming, researching, generating concepts and prototyping you eventually find a solution. While fulfilling some projects during my study, I have also seen that one assignment can have many different results or outcomes. In this way you can see what distinguishes one designer from another.

My Work

Have a look at my work and find out more if you see something interesting.