Study Tour Ke Nako
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Study Tour Ke Nako is a three-week-during study tour to South Africa where we had the opportunity to experience business and culture in a unique way. Visit the website at
This is the aftermovie of the study tour, it gives a nice impression of the experiences
Back in the Netherlands a symposium was organized to share our experiences with others
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For a course at the University, called Graphics Design and typography, several different little assignment were performed. Which included a business card and a poster for an event of a local speedskating club. I also designed the visual lay-out and helped with the text of the ‘Toekomstplan’ (Planning for the future) of the local speedskating club.
Businesscard 1: The front of my designed card. Created for promotion of my skills as a sailing instructor
Businesscard 2: The back of my designed card.
A poster for an event of the local speedskating club
The graphical design of the Planning for the Future from the local speedskating club
Twice a week I train speedskating at the Ijsbaan Twente with pleasure. It is good to let work rest for a while and set your mind on something else. I also participate in student tournaments and my personal records are registered in SARA.
Since high school am i with a sailing club. In the summer I go sailing almost every week. Nowadays I am an instructor for the new kids at the club.
I collect a lot images that present solutions or intelligent products. These are my latest on Pinterest:
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Feel free to contact me for more info, job requests or any other question!
Product Photography
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Product Photography is used for advertisement, websites and other marketing activities. It is also used for communication within and between different project groups.
An advertisement image for Pisang Ambon.
A detail image of a flash device. To be used in a product catalog.
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Presently it is very important to be able to use CAD/CAM software, therefore it is learned to work with Solidworks. This office is designed by two of us to show our capabilities. Solidworks is also used in other projects to visualize, test and create technical drawings for production.
For a proficiency assignment two of us had to design an office
This is a close-up of the desk that we created
I designed a big glass table for the directors office
Hoist Supporting Device
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The ‘Vrije Opdracht’ is a University assignment of which the student decides what he would like to design and thereafter executes his own assignment. I chose to design a unit that helps to hoist the main sail of small sailing boats. It involves analysis of usage, designing the mechanics, presenting the results in a report and building and testing a prototype.
The supporting hoist device involves a lot of mechanical solutions. I started to create ideas for those with sketching.
Combinations of the little solutions are explored to find the right match.
From a total of four concepts is one chosen to be designed in detail.
Technical Drawings are made for the building of the prototype.
The model shows the blocking system.
That model is used to calculate the forces of spring systems.
Digital renders make the prototype visual.
The exploded view with assembled parts.
The front view shows the working principle of the blocking system.
Coffee Machine
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An assignment of the University in cooperation with Redbeans, a Dutch coffee brand. A new coffee machine for offices had to be designed. The project group of six persons had to research and decide which market segment to design for. Also the outside form and inside technological organization of the new machine is explained in a project report. Finally, a mockup was built to show the board of Redbeans the final idea.
The front view of our coffee machine.
The back of the coffee machine, with some visible parts on the inside.
We created a marketing movie for the coffee machine, get inspired!
This render shows the incredible number of parts involved.
In this view you can explore the fuctionalities, like the possibility to remove the dispensers.
Laser cutted parts that forms the basic shape of the design.
Parts are ready to be assembled.
In the end we created a mock-up, with real-life dimensions.
Idea Generation
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As a method of iteration is drawing very efficient. With simple and small drawings a lot can be explored and explained.
Lots of bags..
Final drawing of the chosen bag.
Ideas for a new public transport bus.
A little 3D drawing involved.
The final drawing of the new concept with the light as detail.
Quick sketches of a Stanley knife with red and blue marker.
The final design drawing of the knife.
Water Vehicle
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This is a drawing design process for a vehicle that moves over or through water. Firstly, an animal was chosen to use their characteristics and find inspiration. Evidently the shark was chosen and recognizable elements are further explored in an iterative process. The final result is a presentational drawing in color.
Final colored drawing of the design.
Only two variations left.
Evolving more and more to the final vehicle.
Starting with 3D ideas.
Combining both subjects into one vehicle.
Exploring boat shapes.
Exploring the chosen animal.
Usability Drawings
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These drawings explain how to use a standing light and a drill. Pictures are understood by people who speak different languages and illiterate people. Therefore, a whole market group is accessible.
A drawing assignment to design a lamp for people born in the sixties.
Attached to the assignment are drawings that explain situations of use.
Made for an excersize in fast drawing of hands.
Another example of user-product interaction.
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Using rough and dark Canson paper is a technique in drawing that creates the opportunity to express certain aspects of a product. For example with light colored drawing materials you can express the transparency of glass.
One of the most challenging drawing excercises, drawing glass.
A 2D wall plug and a 3D perfume bottle with box.