Robbert Bakker

industrial design




Note: This portfolio website contains a selection of the projects I participated in at the Industrial Design faculties of Delft and Twente universities. I only show the projects that I am fond of and in which I had a notable influence on the final design. All projects are arranged by date and I added the involvement category to describe the parts of the project that I was individually responsible for. All models were made by me or in collaboration with me. When this is not the case, this will be noted as a comment below the image.

Donkervoort D10 GTO

Added: March 2014
Course: Master Assignment application
Involvement: Individual project

Smart Grid Refrigerator

Added: November 2013
Course: Sources of Innovation
Involvement: Product idea, 3D model

Helmet design for Converse

Added: July 2013
Course: Graphic Language of Products
Involvement: 3D model

Emmi All-In-One

Added: July 2013
Course: Packaging Design and Management 2
Involvement: Initial design, 3D model (2p)

Kinki Kappers coffee machine

Added: July 2013
Course: Design and Emotion
Involvement: Individual project

Batavus BUB2 bicycle

Added: May 2013
Course: Evolutionary Product Development
Involvement: Individual project

*Due to the excessive amount of pictures in this gallery, only a selection of the tumbnails is represented

Khulana - The feminine pipe

Added: April 2013
Course: Gender Inclusive Design
Involvement: 3D model (2p), Photoshop editing

Heinz Barbeque Set

Added: November 2012
Course: Packaging Design and Management 1
Involvement: Individual project

Future general practitioners office

Added: November 2012
Course: Create the Future
Involvement: Tabet drawings

Burton breather

Added: July 2012
Course: Bachelor assignment
Involvement: Individual project

Citroën Acadiane micro camper

Added: April 2011
Course: Free assignment
Involvement: Individual project

Portion packaging for Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Added: February 2011
Course: Project K
Involvement: Initial design, 3D model, prototype (2p)

T3, the smart tea machine

Added: June 2009
Course: Smart Products
Involvement: Initial design, 3D model

Recycle bin for the University of Twente

Added: November 2007
Course: Industrial Design Introduction
Involvement: Regular

Sheet metal Barbeque

Added: November 2006
Course: Industrial Design Introduction (Delft University)
Involvement: Initial design, prototype (2p)