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What can i Offer?

My skills as an Industrial design student

During my education I have learned to work with SolidWorks as a 3D modelling program. Moreover I work with Adobe programs such as InDesign and Illustrator in combination with a drawing tablet to create products and graphic designs.

Moreover I have learned to become more creative through techniques such as ideation sketching. Furthermore, I have made steps to become an independent designer, capable of teamwork. In the future I hope to lead a design team.

What do i do?

Leisure activities and experience

In my free time I like to write, mostly free writing in the form of articles and poetry. I write articles for the InDepth magazine, our student association's magazine. Additionally I do some graphic design for the magazine.

I also like to keep myself busy with sports and photography. Last academic year I took part in the part time fieldhockey board, where I improved my leadership and teamplayer qualities.

Why me?

Me as a person and as a designer

I am a driven, detail-oriented person, I want to improve myself and learn from others. I love to learn by doing, also I love to design by creating. Creating 3D models, prototypes and testing those to improve a design.

In my free time I made a watch out of wood, simply because I like to design and create new things.

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