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Our Productservice system & Design Process

Airport Solution

Airport Solution is a product service system that ...

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Perfect Design

This perfect design enables users to quickly use our product service sytem..

Easy Interaction

Our product service system enables easy interaction with the end user. This interaction is..

Secured Service

Security is a prime aspect to our PSS. This security takes care of digital payment and privacy at the rented rooms..

Quick Service

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Why Choose Us?

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The Product Service System

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Our Design Process

Check out our latest process

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Assignment Description
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Target group

Our Partners

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Our Team

Nienke Nooren ~ "".

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Emma Baur ~ "".

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Jade Frieling ~ "".

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Contact Us

We as group 2 of the Industrial Design course (Virtual product development), have made a product service system which contributes to a more pleasant experience of the time spent at an airport. This product service system is ... We are facilitated at the University of Twente.
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