Project Störsjon

IKEA asked the University of Twente to develop a new firm partition between wet and dry for in the bathroom, because they want something else than the old fashioned shower curtain.

The Extendable Closet

The Extendable Closet is state-of-the-art IKEA ready-to-assemble bathroom piece of furniture. It is fully designed and developed according to the IKEA style idea. The Extendable Closet is the best of both worlds: it is a cabinet which can be used for storage, but also a firm partition between the wet and dry areas in the bathroom. The Extendable Closet is very easy to use. Because of the sliding system, the closet can be used in a gap of 1000 to 1200 mm and therefore is widely applicable. After it is assembled and implemented you just have to grab the handle of the Extendable Closet and it can be extended so the shower area is enclosed. After the closet is extended the customer won’t be bothered by wet and slippery floors any longer.

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