Industrial Design Bachelor Program

project designing for specific users

Group 17

University of Twente, 2023

Phase 1

Project introduction

The goal of the project DSU (Design for specific users) was to co-design a product (-system service) that supports the person with a disability in their daily life...

Context mapping

The “Design for Specific Users” project proposes a model for learning environments that draws from designing technologies based on specific user experiences and...

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Design challenge

The first design challenge is defined after the first meeting with our co-designer. Before this meeting it was still unclear what the problems were and what kind of solution/design...


Before the ideation process starts, a list of requirements has been drawn up. These requirements are based on the first meeting with our Co-designer and from the various research that has been done. Ultimately, the requirements are divided into the following subgroups: Technical Requirements, Usability Requirements, Aesthetic Requirements and Co-designer Requirements…


phase 2

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During phase 2, the project was focused on participatory design. Co-designer was involved into a design process through different types of co-design methods. These...

Concept Drawing (1)
Design process

After the Co-design session it is now time for ideation. The Co-design session showed that the mechanisms to be incorporated into the product must be easy to use...

Final design

Out of the three concepts, the choice went to concept 3. As can be seen in Figure 28, some features have been added or modified. In this chapter all features of the final concept are...

phase 3


Now that the final concept is determined with all its features, we could start with actually making the prototype in real life. This prototype must be a reasonable...

User test picture
User study test plan

The purpose of this study is to test the usability of the product, based on the following 4 aspects: effectiveness, efficiency, perceived satisfaction and qualitative...

Prototype movie

This video presents the final product concept with human user interaction and in some relevant real-life use contexts. The purpose of this video is to show functionalities of the...

Design recommendations

The “Design for Specific Users” project proposes a model for designing technologies based on specific user experiences and environments. While the majority of the collaboration has been done with our specific user, the idea is to first concretely look at one use case example and to analyse their contexts and its…

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Group 17

Ellemijn Pots –
Niek Lubbers –
Polina Kulakova –
Sashya Sashya Zahara Setiawan –

Project coordinators

Francesca Toso
Femke Wonink
Jelle van Dijk 
Niels van Huizen 
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