Order food on the go

Order food while on your way to the station and pick it up fresh out of a secure locker at the station, without having to stand in line or waiting for your order to be made.

Introduction Opgehaald.
Imagine that you are sitting on a train and that you are hungry. At some point you have to switch trains ,but when switching train you do not have enough time to get some food. that is when you need


Opgehaald is a product service system, that makes it easier for customers to quickly buy and pick- up food on the go. The customer can even put in his allergies, favorite food and other wishes. At Opgehaald you can order your food online or in the Opgehaald app, put in your arrival time and pick up the food that will be stored in your personal locker. This is a fast, easy, could be healthy and an efficient solution to get food. Although, in this project we decided to limit the location of the product to trainstations, in order to focus and save time, the PSS can also be designed to be placed and used in other places such as at the Kick-In or at the UB it can even be used on a festival.

The PSS is unique because Opgehaald enables customers in a public space to order food in a fast and easy manner.

The Lockers
The lockers will be placed on a central spot in the main hall of the station. Thanks to the led panels on the door the lockers will be able to display advertisements

Get food without wasting time

Only got 5 min to change trains? Can't afford to wait in line, not even when you're hungry?

No problem, use opgehaald

Supported payment methods:


The PSS exist out of an App where a consumer can order food, the delivery of the food and the boxes where the consumer can get his food

Questions answered during our process

Below are important questions we asked ourselves at the start of the development phase of our concept and decisions we made later about our concept.

The customer can order his food online and on the app of Opgehaald. When a costumer...
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A runner is an employee under Opgehaald that works at the locations of the lockers. Runners will be...
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The best way to reach new customers is through advertising. This can be done in various ways: advertisements on the boxes themselves, in other apps, Facebook, etc. Another way is through public relations, for examplet a famous YouTuber using our app.
Since the boxes can be regulated individually, it is possible to shut down a single box and get a manufacturer over to either fix or replace the box.
Each meal will be delivered in an eco-friendly carton bag. These will prevent the boxes from getting dirty and make it easier the carry the orders around. Another plus side: we can promote Opgehaald on the bags as well.
An external terminal is placed for every 40 lockers. The terminal is used when the customer is for some reason unable to open the box with the barcode that was sent. The customer can log in on the terminal and it will print another barcode for opening the box.
The doors of the lockers are designed in such a way that they will close automatically.
All restaurants that are positioned on the station can be included. Restaurants located outside the station can not be included, because it would be very hard for the runners to pick up the orders and deliver them in time.
We assume that people will have enough common sense to restrain them from leaving garbage in the boxes. However, the boxes will still need some cleaning from time to time, which will be done by the runners when they are not delivering.
The boxes are designed in such a way that each unit (consisting of boxes and a terminal) can we placed individually. Furthermore, virtual reality can be used to make sure the units can be placed in the best place and in a logistically tactical place.
It is obligatory to fill in a name, e-mail address and a phone number. It is optional to link the app to a social media account like Facebook.
The information that will be saved by the app includes ordering locations and times, and the orders themselves. This information is used to offer better ordering suggestions in the future.

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